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Zeppelins During Wwi Essay

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Luftschiffbau Zeppelin was a German company owned by Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin . This company was the world's most successful builder of rigid airships. Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin flew the first airship in the world that was not tied down. This airship was called the LZ-1, and it was flown for the first time on July 2, 1900, near Lake Constance in Germany. This airship was carrying 5 passengers. The cloth-covered blimp, which was an example of many earlier models, had an aluminum frame, seventeen hydrogen cells, and two 15-horsepower Daimler internal combustion engines. It was about 420 feet long and 38 feet in diameter.When the airship was flown for the first time,it flew about 3.7 miles in 17 minutes and reached the height of 1,300 feet. The airship was very difficult to steer ,it needed more power and was experiencing many technical problems during its flight. These technical difficulties forced the giant airship to land in Lake Constance. Zeppelin continued to improve his blimp and to build airships for the German government. In June 1910, the world's first commercial airship was called the Duestchland and another airship called the Sachsen followed in 1913.Between 1910 and the beginning of World War I in 1914, German zeppelins flew 107,208 miles and carried 34028 passengers and crew safely.At the beginning of World War I, Germany had successfully developed 10 zeppelins. During the war Hugo Eckener ,a German engineer, helped the effort to win the war by training pilots and directing the construction of zeppelins for the Germany navy. By 1918, 67 zeppelins had been constructed, and only 16 of those zeppelins survived the war. During the war, the Germans used zeppelins to throw bombs. On May 31, 1915, the LZ-38 was the first zeppelin to bomb London. The airships could approach their opponents silently and fly at altitudes above all the British and French fighters.The zeppelins never really became effective assaulting weapons. A little while later new planes with more powerful engines that could go at higher altitudes were built, and the British and French planes also began to carry ammunition that contained phosphorus.Phosphorus is a solid non-metallic element that would set the zeppelins on fire, because they were filled with hydrogen. Very few zeppelins were also lost because of bad weather, and 17 were shot down because they could not fly as fast as the fighters.At the end of the war, the German zeppelins that had not been captured were surrendered to the Allies because of the Treaty of Versailles.Eckener, who had assumed the company's presidency because of Count Zeppelin's death in 1917, suggested to the U.S. government that the company should build a giant zeppelin for the U.S. military to use. They suggested this because this would allow the...

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