Zero Tolerance On Bullying Essay

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Zero Tolerance on Bullying
Bullying has been a problem in society for as long as there has been schools. “According to the American Academy of child and adolescent psychiatry, fifty percent of children are bullied and ten percent are victims of bullying on a regular basis” [Gurian]. Bullies are showing no compassion or remorse for the emotional and physical pain that they cause their victims. There are different forms of bullying, from teasing, isolating, starting false rumors, threats of violence, and physical abuse, which all leave long lasting emotional pain. With the Web being a big part of everyday life, “Cyber Bullying” is a tool that is often used by bullies to continue their victims torment. “A number of children and adolescents have reported that they suffered side effects of bullying – a drop in grades, an increase in anxiety, and a loss of social life” [Gurian]. The way that victims choose to deal with their torment or their tormenters is concerning as well; many of them choosing to inflict pain on themselves by cutting, develop different forms of eating disorders, or choose a more extreme measures like committing suicide or taking their tormenters lives.
Although bulling is known to cause physical and emotional pain to their victims and many tragedies have taken place because of it, there are many, that argue, that bullying is just a part of growing up, and it is something that children just have to experience or learn to deal with on their own, or they will never learn to deal with future problems without having someone come to their aid. Many students that witness the bulling do not intervene out of fear that they will be bullied themselves. There are some kids that suffer from disabilities that are not very well understood by their teachers, other students, and parents, disabilities that make them act out or burst out with obscene language toward the teacher or the other students, so when the other kids retaliate toward the kid with the disability with violence, some say that the incident was...

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