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Zhu Xiao Di This Essay Is About The Life Of Zhu Xiao Di And How He Lived In Communist China.

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Zhu Xiao Di lived in communist China for the majority of his childhood years. As he grew older he realized that the Communist government was quite possibly one of the worst ways to run your government. This paper will discuss the question, "Why and when did people like Zhu, lose faith in the communist party?" From rebel organizations to beatings, there are many reasons why people would have lost faith in the communist government. The government created its own downfall, by not keeping a good social relationship with the common people of the nation.One of the first things the communist government did was to do away with salaries. Instead of earning a salary, a public employee was given an allowance for pocket money, while life's necessities were allocated according to family size. (Di - 2) This happened in 1949, but was soon changed back to normal. In 1958 the communist authorities decided to speed up the process of reorganizing millions of peasants into a collective farming system. They forced everyone to share everything. (Di - 3) Another way the government frightened the people was through the Red Guards.The Red Guards were grassroots youth organizations established by students in schools. (Di - 38) Red Guard members were usually academically excellent and politically active. These Red Guard groups would go around house to house searching peoples homes for the four olds. The four olds were, old cultures, old thoughts, old customs, and old habits. Possession of the four olds was evidence that you disagreed with Chairman Mao. If the Red Guards were to find any of the four olds in a home, the homeowner would then be publicly humiliated, mobbed, and beaten brutally. Although the Red Guards were most often just searching for guns, bullets, radio transmitters or other things related to them. (Di - 39) Grassroots organizations were forming everywhere in China in early 1967. Red Guards were initially organized in only schools and universities. Now the organizations called "revolutionary rebels" were almost everywhere. "Factories, hospitals, government departments, and nearly every workplace in all cities had at least one organization." (Di - 50) People were often detained by these radical rebel organizations.Zhu Xiao Di's father was detained by revolutionary rebels in Suzhou. When one was detained, the government held public meetings against the person being detained. Di's sister witnessed one of her fathers public meetings. For torture and public humiliation, two strong men stood right behind her father and one grabbed each arm and forced him down on the ground holding his face against the ground. This violence would soon intensify and spread throughout the...

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