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Ziggurats And Pyramids: An Analysis Of Physical Structure And Cultural Functions

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There is one fundamental, underlying, driving force behind the creation of the ziggurats in Akkadian culture and the pyramids in the Egyptian culture. The fundamental basis for creating these monumental architectural wonders is based on religious beliefs. Ziggurats and pyramids share some commonalities in design and function, but they are ultimately designed to look and serve two separate facets for their established religious beliefs. When looking at a pyramid, it is very similar in appearance to a ziggurat, but the two structures were designed for two very distinct and different purposes. According to the text, “the important distinction: the ziggurat is a temple and the pyramid is a ...view middle of the document...

” (11) The function and design of the ziggurat in the Akkadian society was to serve a particular deity or God. According to the text, a ziggurat is “in ancient Mesopotamia, a monumental platform on top of which a temple was erected. The height of the ziggurat was intended to bring the worshipers closer to the Gods.” (896) Priests would seek safety in ziggurats to perform their spiritual ceremonies. This differs from the Egyptian pyramid, which was created to house the elite and office a place for eternal resting.
The Egyptian pyramids were designed, built, and still stand where ancient Egyptian societies were born thousands of years ago along the Nile River. One of the fundamental beliefs in ancient Egyptian religion was the belief in life after death or afterlife. The ancient Egyptian culture lifespan lasted many years and has been divided into 31 dynasties. Ancient Egyptian societies were ruled by a single entity, a pharaoh, who possessed absolute power of all concerning matters within the society. The pharaohs began building elaborate tombs for themselves for the purpose of creating their own personal place for eternal resting and for the continuation of their legacy throughout time. These burial chambers, pyramids, were built from limestone, which was quarried and developed along the Nile River, utilizing slave labor. The pyramids contained multiple rooms, including large rooms that...

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