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If you look on any may before 1980, you would not the country name of Zimbabwe. But, you will find the country name of Rhodesia. On April 18th, 1980 Rhodesia officially changed its name to Zimbabwe. Once a great story-teller and poet names Rudyyard Kipling had written Rhodesia was a land of "great spaces washed with sun," many natives say the words of Kipling's could no better describe the beautiful sun land that has many natural resources and is now called Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is located in southeastern Africa. It is south of the equator and more than one hundred miles north of the Tropic of Capricorn. The country measures 150,820 square miles making it about the size of California. Zimbabwe has no coastline, but borders five other African countries. In the west it touches Namibia, which gained its independence from South Africa in 1990. To the north there's Zambia, which the Zambezi River is the boundary between the two countries. To the south there is South Africa and the Limpopo River creates the boundary between Zimbabwe and South Africa. To the east lies Mozambique and last but not least, the southwest to Zimbabwe is Botswana. In Zimbabwe there is also eastern highlands, which include, the Inyangani Mountains and the western savanna plateau. Since there is so much rainfall, Zimbabwe's eastern highlands is one of the most agriculturally productive regions in Africa. There are large orchards, tea fields and timber plantations that lie against the mountainsides. The savanna plateau is relatively flat and open. The savanna is a great source for people and wildlife of Zimbabwe. Many people reside on the savanna by grazing cattle and raising crops. Zimbabwe's climate is beautiful just like California's, with cool nights, moderate days and plenty of sun. The rain falls during the summer months from November to March, which creates a tremendous amount of thunderstorms. On an average rainfall into the east are forty to eighty inches per year and twenty to forty in the west per year. The short dry winter months start in May and last to the beginning of May. Since, the days and nights are so nice, many families are our enjoying the sun. Temperatures ranged from sixty-eight degrees to seventy-seven degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and around seventy-seven degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Going back five hundred thousand years there has been remain of Stone Age cultures found in Zimbabwe. The first Bantu speaking people reached Zimbabwe between the 5th and 10th centuries 5AD, which drove the Bushmen inhabitants into the desert. A second group of Bantu speakers who were fleeing the Zulu chief migrated about 1830. In 1889, a man named Cecil Rhodes formed the British South Africa Company. His purpose was to colonize and promote trade in the region. In the 1890's more European settles came wanting to claim land, this caused friction between Europeans and Ndebele and Shona tribes. Zimbabwe continued to be governed...

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