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Zindel's Use Of Literary Devices In The Pigman

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Zindel had a Pigman just like John And Lorraine who helped him through his life and embraced him to be the talented author he really is. He worked first as a technical writer at a chemical company then as a high school chemistry teacher. As he taught he continued to write plays, Marigolds of his plays was soon turned into a television show. A children's book editor from Harper and Row asked Zindel if he wanted to be a writer and he accepted. He soon came out with The Pigman a Story about two teenagers that have an unlikely friendship with an old man. Paul Zindel was born on May 15th 1936 on Staten Island, New York. When John and Lorraine started messing around with Mr.Pignati all of their ...view middle of the document...

All of the characters have their own special bars that hold them back from having fun and being happy. John's cage is his fathers expectation for him to be a successful business man. Lorraine's cage is her mother saying that she is not beautiful; and Mr.Pignati's is the grief of his recently deceased wife. Through their friendship they help each other come out of their cages like Mr.Pignati complimenting on Lorraines appearance and how he appreciates John for who he is. John and Lorraine also help Mr.Pignati by having fun with him and helping him forget about his dead wife. They can only help each other for so long though after the party that John and Lorraine throw Lorraine is back in her cage from the constant remarks her mother makes and the disappointment. John is also back in his cage because he is now looked down upon from his parents for the party and his father had higher expectations for him. Mr.Pignati is also back in his cage, after finding out that John and Lorraine had betrayed him by throwing a party without his permission and smashing his collection of pigs, he is back in a depression that is the worst it has ever been. The author also uses the monkeys in the zoo to describe their relationship. There are three monkeys in particular in the zoo that just keep on hugging each other. "We must have looked just like three monkeys. The Pigman, John, and me three funny little monkeys" (Zindel, 8). Most of the symbolism happens in the zoo; which is a very important place for the pigman.
Zindel also uses lots of foreshadowing in his book. In the beginning of the book John says "I couldn't stand the miserable look on Lorraine's face ever since the pigman died"(Zindel, 4). He uses the foreshadowing to create suspension. Who's the pigman? How did he die? Zindel also uses foreshadowing at the zoo in chapter 14. You know something bad is about to happen when Lorraine says "Right away I noticed something was wrong because the two of them started...

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