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Zlata's DiaryAuthor: Zlata FilipoviæPublished: Puffin Books 1995Setting: September 2, 1991 to October 17, 1993Plot Summary:The diary starts on 2nd September 1991. Zlata is an eleven-year-old girl who was used to live an ordinary life. She goes to school, plays piano and solfeggio, she takes tennis lessons, has choir practice, watches MTV, loves pizza, plays with friends and does all the things a child loves to do. Zlata and her parents spend their weekends and free time in Crnotina, where they restored an old house. On 19th October 1991 her daddy is called up by the police reserve and has to go there frequently. On 23rd October she sees terrible pictures on TV about the war in Dubrovnik. They send packages to Durovnik to help Srdjan, their friend and the people there. Zlata doesn't really understand politics and is also not very interested in it. On 1st March a small group of armed civilians killed a Serbian wedding guest and wounded a priest. The following the whole city was full of barricades and they joined a peace procession. In the evening 3000 Chetniks (Serbian Nationalists) come to attack Sarajevo. On 4th March the barricades are removed. The "kids" (a popular term for politicians) had come to some agreement. On 24th March the blue helmets arrive in Sarajevo and they give hope to the people. Zlata calls her diary Mimmy, and it gives her support throughout the war. Lot's of people are leaving and families are separating because they are all afraid of the war. On 5th April there's gunfire coming from the hills, the war begins. Zlata and her family are hiding in the cellar while the town is badly shelled. Their president is kidnapped and the situation is getting worse. They spend nights and days in fear at the Bobars and Nedo's (neighbors) cellar. Zlata is convinced that Serbs, Croats, Muslims (like her) all look and are the same. The young girl's family does not have enough to eat and at the market things are too expensive because they are only sold for Deutsche Mark. On 3rd December 1992 Zlata celebrates her 12th Birthday. All her friends leave and she fells very alone and bored. At Christmas she's happy to go to the UNPROFOR (United Nations Force) for a Christmas show. Auntie Irena, the summer school teacher, supports them with thermal underwear from UNICEF. Zlata becomes used to the shooting and this frightens her. Her friend Nina is killed in a bomb attack. Some journalists come to her house to make a report about Zlata. Nedo ( a friend and refugee from Grbavica, receives a job with UNPROFOR and Zlata is very sad when he leaves Sarajevo forever. On 31st March1993 the school starts and she's happy because it takes away her boredom. Zlata's very sad when Cicko, her bird dies. They hardly have any electricity, the winter is cold, they are hungry and they are living in the kitchen but they are thankful about getting humanitarian aid. Her faily and friends are sick and tired of the war. She sent she sent her diary, Mimmy, to a publisher...

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