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Zoe Rain: A Photographer And Her Art

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Miss Zoe Rain is one of the few lucky people who get to take up photography as a career and travel all around the world, getting paid to simple take photos. It all started in Seattle Washington when Zoe Rain was in high school (ZoeRainPhotography). She started off taking photos at hip-hop shows around where she was growing up and going to school (ZoeRainPhotography). In the past years, Zoe Rain has been involved in a number of photography programs. Since 2009 she has been an associate at a photography company called JKoe, which is a local Seattle company (JKoe). At the same time, Zoe Rain is a freelance photographer under her own company called Zoe Rain Photography (ZoeRain.Wix). She has been taking wedding, nature, senior, and tour photographs (ZoeRainPhotography). The tour photographs are what she is most noticed for because she has been on tour with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis this past year (ZoeRainPhotography). Zoe Rain spends her personal time to shoot some photos of Lorde, Miley Cyrus, and for major magazines like Rolling Stones and (ZoeRainPhotography). Not much has changed since then with Ms. Rain. She’s enrolled in Seattle’s Central’s Commercial Photography Program to sharpen her already amazing photography skills to continue her career behind the lens (ZoeRain.Wix). Zoe Rain has expanded her focuses of photography by taking portraits, cinematography, and videography during the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis tour (ZoeRain.Wix).
Zoe Rain’s photographs have the four aspects covered and she’s amazing at action shots, which can be seen in some of her tour photos with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Her other shots are just as good action shots and have really strong contrast. The real relevance of Zoe Rain’s photos, I believe, is to show emotion and tell a story in just a single frame. Almost every single one of her photos that has a person or crowd it in its frame has such strong composition because Ms. Rain takes the photo as such a critical moment. That moment she captures give the photo the ability to tell a whole story.
The photograph to the right is from Ms. Rain’s traveling collection. The photo itself shows great texture with the old architectural stone along with strong contrast, showing the spectrum of black to white. I admire this photo because of its great contrast, texture, and composition with the Latin words at the bottom, which pull me into wanting to learn more about the place photographed by Miss Rain. The photo next to it also has amazing texture with the water and the...

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