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Zombie Apocalypse Essay

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“Is it in you?’’ Gatorade Without Gatorade would it is safe to have long hour practices? Gatorade, the history, science, and technology that saved athletes from dehydration.
The history of Gatorade starts in 1965 when University of Florida’s assistant football coach Dwayne Douglas question Florida’s kidney disease specialist Robert Cade about why the players lost so much weight during practices and games, went to the bathroom so little. Cade then directed Florida’s College of Medicine’s renal and electrolytes division. They soon found out that players sweat so much that they didn’t have enough fluid to urinate. Then the research started. Cade and his colleagues took samples of Ten ...view middle of the document...

about Gatorade. By that fall, Stokley- Can Camp secured rights from Cade and his colleagues to begin marketing Gatorade nationwide. Gatorade has also earned the university some money. Since 1973, Gatorade has brought more than $80 million dollars to the university. The history is not the only thing that makes Gatorade so hydrating the science also takes part in the sports drink.
Plain water will not replace electrolytes through lost sweat. Under conditions, in which individuals may not drink enough and might therefore become dehydrated, Gatorade can help promote the rehydration process. Optimal levels of sodium are key ingredients that differentiate Gatorade from other common beverages such as water. Sodium in the blood stream is an important trigger for thirst. Gatorade rapidly replenishes body fluid. Sodium, in the presence of glucose facilitates the absorption of both fluids and glucose. The presence of sodium will help to encourage continued voluntary intake. Research shows that people will stop drinking water before they are properly hydrated, and the flavor in Gatorade promotes intake. Osmolality is an indicator of the total number of particles dissolved in a beverage. Beverage osmolality influences the movement of water across a membrane such as water is pulls from a lower concentration of particles. Osmolality of a hydration beverage is an important factor influencing water absorption and rehydration. The intake of a beverage with a high osmoilty reduces water absorption from the small intestine to the blood or even produces water secretion from the blood to the small intestine. Gatorade also works for employees such as construction workers. Gatorade has been proven to...

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