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S. Good, the president of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo stated, “A common bond for the world’s zookeepers is their passion for wildlife and their commitment to improving professional animal care, animal welfare, and conservation. The modern day zookeeper is expected to have a conservation ethic and expertise in a multitude of tasks, including animal husbandry and educational presentation skills” (Good, et al., 2009, p 9). A good zoo is regulated by a prestigious organization that provides high standards for animal care, science, and conservation, such as an animal’s habitat, temperature, water and air quality, space provided, diets, birthing facilities, among many more rules to follow by that ensure an animal’s safety. When regulations are in place and zoos are closely monitored by an organization, provided is a safe, natural habitat for the animals to live in. Prestigious organizations that control and regulate zoos are made up of people with high knowledge in the industry of zoology. Experts in the field study what all the animals’ needs are before they can be placed into a zoo. These regulations help develop an affirming attitude that zoos do not serve the purpose solely for entertainment by throwing animals in cages. Zoos serve as a learning experience to educate visitors on the animals’ natural habitat and their native roots. Zoos should not be banned because they provide places for safely experimenting on animals, areas that mirror their native habitat, and breeding programs through the Species Survival Plan which helps increase the population of endangered species.
The first zoo was opened in 1874. Today, zoos hope to provoke public awareness in the conservation of earth’s wildlife. In the USA alone, 100 million people visit zoos each year. Zoos became a focal point for public interest in wildlife as well as a first hand research center for scientists (Braverman 2011, pp 813-814). Some animal rights organizations try and expose zoos for poor treatment of animals. Some even go as far as to claim that no animal should belong in a zoo. Some animals are better off at zoos because of the safe environment they are placed in. Zookeepers cater to these animals and make sure they are managed well and well taken care of. Regardless if they’re endangered or common in the wild, zookeepers are responsible and careful when taking care of the animals in their habitats. Zoos place their animals in an area that mimics the animal’s natural habitat in the wild. During the summers, zoos have pools and air conditioners for the animals to ensure the animals from Artic areas don’t overheat. There are other zoos such as Sea World in Orlando that have multi-million dollar enclosed areas for the animals so they can produce snow for the polar bears and penguins (Oteyza 2013). Zoos try to go out of their way to match the animals’ needs with the environment they are placed in. Zoos have improved significantly in the last hundreds of years. The old steel-bar enclosures...

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