Zoological Veterinarian And Zoological Medicine Essay

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A unique expertise that some students choose to pursue after veterinary certification is in the field of zoological medicine. Those who pursue this line of work go on after accreditation to “serve in responsible positions as zoo and wildlife veterinarians, teachers, researchers, government officials, and administrators of other relevant programs fostering high quality medical care for non-domestic animals and are actively involved in the discovery of new knowledge in the discipline and the dissemination of this knowledge to the veterinary profession and public” (“ACZM”). Being a veterinarian with a specialization in zoological medicine has its own benefits, however like every other career, it also has its own room for downsides. Also, certain requirements and certifications must be met before one can even begin to specialize in zoological medicine. Before one can decide whether or not to follow this specialized career path, they must first understand what the job being a zoological veterinarian entails.
Zoological veterinarians supervise the individual care, including examinations, diagnosis, and treatment, of wild and exotic animals in zoo or other wildlife-related environments; however, their job description may also include performance of surgeries, managing medications, or prescribing rehabilitation or euthanasia arrangements. These veterinarians may also serve as nutritionist or dietician for their exotic animal patients, and usually they are involved in the conception of each animal’s captive or enclosed environment. Overseeing the quarantine of new animals entering the zoo is also the zoo veterinarian’s responsibility. The zoological veterinarian also has input regarding activities throughout the rest of the zoo. They have to stay focused on all of the animals’ health related issues, as well as prevention of disease. Many zoo veterinarians also engage in research while they work on their day-to-day duties (“Zoo”). In any case, it is hard to pinpoint what exactly a zoo veterinarian could be doing on any given day. Suzan Murray from the National Smithsonian Zoo states, “There really is no average day. We start out with rounds early in the morning, and then we have our duties divided. There's someone who does our park checks and there's someone who stays behind and does the clinical work. The animals we work on really vary—from a fish to an elephant to a bird to a reptile—so every day is going to be a little different.” She goes on to talk about how every day is exciting because every day and every case is unique (Lineberry).
Once one has accepted the responsibilities of becoming a zoo veterinarian and chosen this specialty as their ultimate career path, they must first complete all the education and licensing requirements to become board certified in zoological medicine. To receive this certification from the American College of Zoological Medicine requires several steps. Applicants must first graduate from an accredited veterinary college...

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