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Zoos: Animal Prisons Or Animal Sanctuaries

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Zoos have been around for a very long time, does that make them an old tradition or something wrong that is past it’s time and is no longer welcome in our more modern civilized society? There are many advocators that want to keep zoos around and others that say zoos are inhumane and wish to abolish them. Personally I agree with both sides in some perspectives. For one I think that zoos are an important part of culture and that should stay to educate future people about the importance of preserving the wonderful animals of the earth. On the other hand I feel that animals don’t like being caged up in zoos and would rather be free than put there for the amusement of onlookers.If zoos are doing a good job at caring for and looking after the animals I think that they should remain to expand and grow to care for endangered wildlife. Some zoos do a great job at this and are run by outstanding people that truly care for the animal’s well being. However there are other zoos that only care about the profit and the amount of attention that they achieve from the exploitation and humiliation of the noble beasts that are being kept within the confines of their dirty, unhygienic cages. I am only for zoos that care about the animals unlike the latter.If some zoos do not treat, care for and give the animal what it needs I think that they should be put out of business and locked up like the animals that they had previously “owned”. When I say that they should be locked up I mean that they should be put in a jail, not caged and shackled like writer Derrick Jensen suggests in his article “Thought to exist in the wild: Awakening from the nightmare of zoos”. I believe that animals as multi celled organisms have feeling just like humans do. They can feel the happiness of running in an open field, the satisfaction of a good meal, the thrill of the chase and kill, the loneliness of being locked in a cage by themselves and the humiliation of strange bipedal furless creatures staring and laughing at them...

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