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Zoos Are Entertainment Camps That Should Be Shut Down

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Although many families have argued that zoos are educational buildings that aloud children and adults to gain knowledge about wild life and are not harmful for animals, closer examinations show that zoos are just entertainment centers that should be shut down. However, debate about whether the zoo should be shut down or not has become more serious. Zoos should be shut down. Animals suffer from mistreatment, malnutrition and murder, also people don’t gain the right knowledge about these animals because zoos aren’t educational and the horrific stories about the animals are all the reasons why zoos should be shut down.
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Elephants are a strong example on how animals are mistreated in zoos. Elephants are the world’s largest mammals and have specific needs that aren’t met when being stuck captive in cages giving them barely any room to walk. Normally an elephant’s walking needs are 30 miles a day or their joints cease up causing them develop painful arthritis problems and mostly lead to the zoos killing the elephants off because they’re no longer able to entertain. Having large mammals that are used to living in the open wild that are now being held in captivity of a small cage can cause the most harm; for example, large cats and bears pace incessantly, birds mutilate themselves, and chimpanzees and gorillas become overly aggressive, which are all signs of unhealthy animals. The animal’s element is taken away from them and is being replaced with a domestic pet schedules; being told when to eat and sleep. Living without the normal schedule and diet they would have in the wild can result malnutrition, which is the main cause for most deaths in the zoo environment. Animals aren’t able to use their hunting skills to find their food and mostly are only handed certain portion due to zoo budgets or feed junk food by visitors. All of the animal’s natural habits are changed to fit the needs of the zoos without the care of how it could damage the animal.
Zoos claim to provide an educational opportunity which makes several people bring their children to zoos for a learning experience and even schools conduct field trips to their local zoo thinking it will help children gain a higher knowledge of wild animals. The reality though is that zoos aren’t educational at the slightest because normal animal behavior is seldom discussed, much less observed, because the animals natural needs are rarely met. Children gain false knowledge about these wild animals because of the fact the animals have adapted to the habitat of the zoos and their exhibit behavior is rarely, if ever, seen in the wild. Visitors go to zoos to observe wild animals that they couldn’t encounter within the wild but lose interest fast and go to the next exhibit if the animals aren’t putting on a show due to the fact that many are seeking entertainment rather than information. Zoos are just a gimmick to gain money; many spend their budgets on rides and gift shop that would attract visitors over providing better care or larger exhibits for animals. While at the zoo you can witness a disease firsthand called “zoochosis,” this is when you see captive animals rock and sway back and forth in their cage. Zoos don’t want visitors to acknowledge this disease so they give the animals Prozac which is a mood-altering drug that mellows them out for show....

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