Zoos Are Not Fair To Their Animals

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When your parents tell you, “We’re going to the zoo today,” usually the first expressions that come to mind are excitement and surprise. You may also think to yourself, “Oh, yes! We get to see the tigers today! Those are my most favorite animals ever!” Believe me that is the exact same thing I think. At the same time, I feel sorry. Why? Keeping animals in a zoo is not fair to the animals. I believe that zoos should be changed (to the animals benefit and not just ours) in the United States.
If you’re thinking “WHAT???” right now, then think about it this way, how would you like to be kidnapped and imprisoned? You could never see your family again, and strange creatures would come up to ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, watching the animals in the zoos is entertaining. Zoos can also repopulate endangered species (of animals) and keep them mostly out of harm’s way. Besides that; not all zoos are small, some zoos are huge! The St Luis Zoo and the Omaha Zoo are two large zoos (I've been to both). They both have big habitats for the animals. My dad, Brian Schmidt, a “used-to-be” animal biologist, says, “There is no perfect answer, but in my opinion, I believe zoos are a good thing, for the following reasons: they help educate kids, adults and just about anyone about animals. It is important for us to know about animals, how they live, eat, etc. And I think that helps us to hopefully treat their habitats and our environment better so that various animals can survive. I also think zoos help people to see, interact and learn about animals when they wouldn't be able to otherwise. In other words, most people don’t have the money to travel to Africa to see elephants, lions, zebras, and much more. Zoos help bring the animals to areas of the world that would likely never see them. I also think most zoos are very humane and treat the animals...

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