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A successful student would make the most of all available assistance at the institution.  At Piedmont Virginia Community College, tutors are available to help in any areas that the student is having difficulties.  An example is the Writing Center, where one can receive help from starting a paper to proofreading the final draft.  These programs are put in place to help a student become their best, and a successful student would make the most of the free help!


I have learned that in order to do the best that I can in college, I am going to have to overcome my bad habits and start reaching out for aid when I need to.  No longer will I suffer in silence or struggle to figure out things that could be explained to me in a way that I could understand.  There are many people willing to help me if I just ask for it, from the professors, faculty, staff, and students at PVCC to my family and friends at home.


To help me strengthen my abilities in employing interdependence, I have set one short-term goal and one long-term goal using the DAPPS formulae.  My short-term goal would fall into the dated category, meaning it has a deadline.  To be considered for acceptance into the nursing program at PVCC, a student has to meet a few conditions by February 15, 2011. One, they must have an acceptable score on the English Compass Test or have taken a development English class. Two, the student must send in copies of high school transcripts if they took high school biology and chemistry.  I have met both of these requirements; the remaining two requirements are the focus of my goal. Because I did poorly on my Math Compass test, I must take BSK 8 and BSK 9.  To pass those classes I cannot get a grade lower than a B.  After I finish those classes, I will take the Test for Essential Academic Skills, also known as the TEAS.  The TEAS covers English, Writing, Science, and Math.  Due to the fact that I will only have two chances at taking this exam this year, I want to be prepared for anything.  By employing interdependence, I could gain information from professors and tutors that may help me achieve my goal of doing well in math and completing these tasks by February 15th in order to be considered for admission! 


My long-term goal falls under the personal category of the DAPPS formulae, meaning this goal is something I want to accomplish for myself, not to appease anyone else.  I want to become a Registered Nurse.  One cannot become a nurse until they pass the NCLEX (National Council Licensure EXamination).  The nursing curriculum will prepare me to do well on this examination, but I must take all the classes seriously and ask for help whenever I need to.  I could also learn to be a better nurse if I ask for advice from others who have been in the profession for a while.


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