Brightkite FAQ

Brightkite phone number:

The best way to contact us is via our contact page. We respond to all requests within 24 hours.


Free Brightkite account:

To sign up for a free Brightkite account, visit our sign up page. Your free account gives you access to all of our free features. Premium features and content are only available to paid subscribers.


How to cancel my Brightkite subscription:

To cancel your subscription, you will need to sign in to your account and visit your account settings page. There you can modify your subscription preferences.


How do I contact Brightkite?


You can contact us by emailing

How can I find if my friends are on Brightkite?


Our Discover Friends page makes it easy to find your friends already on Brightkite.

I want to block someone. How do I do that?


By visiting a user's profile on our mobile app or website, you can block someone by simply clicking "block" next to their avatar.

How do I delete my account?


Via your account settings you can scroll down and click "delete account" - Sorry to see you go.

Group Text FAQ

Need help with Group Text?


Below you'll find answers to our frequently asked Group Text questions. Need more help? Email us:

What is GroupText?


Group Text is a many to many chat system developed by Brightkite. It enables you to communicate in real time with up to 25 people via SMS, web, mobile web and dedicated mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian. In other words, you can message a lot of people at once for free in real time, and when someone responds to that message, everyone in the group sees it too - kind of like a "reply all" in Email conversations.

Who can I send a message to?


You can send a message to anyone around the globe as long as they are a member of Brightkite. If your goal is to send an SMS message to someone instead, we only support numbers in the US and Canada. 


Here is a list of the mobile carriers we support: Alltel, AT&T, Boost, Cincinnati Bell, Dobson, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon, nTelos, Virgin USA.

Is this a free service?


Absolutely free! You can message anyone from anywhere for free. If you are using SMS / Text Messaging, normal carrier charges apply.

How many people can I have in a group?


25 people at once per group with an unlimited amount of groups and each conversation is completely private among you and your friends.

How do I quit a Group Text?


If you're Group Texting via SMS, just enter !LEAVE (make sure you include the exclamation point) and you'll leave the chat. Via, click the x button next to a conversation. You can click "leave" in our mobile apps to leave the chat.

My friend isn't receiving my message. Why?


When you send a text message to someone via Group Text, they have to respond YES to accept and be a part of the chat. If they don't respond yes, any messages after your first won't go through. Once they respond YES to the first message, they'll get all future messages without having to respond.

I get an error, "unsupported number." What does this mean?


This is usually seen when you try to message a number that is outside of the US or Canada. Since we only support mobile numbers in those two countries at this time, you'll receive an unsupported number error. To get around this, ask your friends to create an account at so you can text them anywhere for free!

How far back can I view old conversations and messages?


We hold on to messages forever so you can browse back to the beginning of time (or when you first joined Group Text).

How do I know when someone responds to my message?


That depends. If you enter your cell phone number on, you'll receive a text when someone responds to the chat. iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users receive a push notification (if set up) when a reply is sent, and if you're on, you'll see a red message notification when a new Group Text is received.

My friends don't have Group Text. Is it free for them?


It sure is! Friends don't pay anything for Group Text. If you send them a message via SMS, they may have to pay carrier fees per message if they don't have a text messaging plan.

Can I use Group Text from my mobile browser?


Visit to send and receive group text messages from any mobile phone browser (no special installs or setup required).

Can I send photos via Group Text?


Yes. You can send photos to the group via, our iPhone and Nokia apps, and even via myKite for Blackberry. Photo posting via SMS is not possible at this time.

Do you support web links and emoji?


You can send email addresses and web links with no problem.   If you love Emoji, send away! It'll work just fine.

I never want to receive a group text again. How do I Opt out?


Sorry to see you go. Just text STOP to 41414 to disable all messaging to your device. Be sure to tell your friends because they won't be able to message you or invite you to a chat room within Group Text ever again.