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Besides the very apparent sleep deprivation caused by the constant connection, teenagers can develop “terrific anxiety about being left out the group (Akre).” In turn adding to the sleep deprivation and steady jumping to their phones to answer a text message.  In the news, reports have been made using the term ‘addiction’, and that people have actually checked themselves into a clinic in order to try and kick the habit.  In 2003 the Priory clinic were reporting a sharp rise in ‘technology addiction’, with some people evidently texting up to seven hours a day (Crystal 169). Texting to that extent can leave a person to forget about eating and sleeping because they are so involved with texting or being on the computer; its not a healthy way to live life everyday, the mind needs time to rest otherwise the mind will be over-worked and begin to reject the overload of information. The physical implications that are partnered with the overuse of texting is the painful cramping in the thumbs which indicate musculoskeletal disorders and temporary or permanent damage to the thumbs (Akre), also known as TMI, text message injury (Crystal 170). 


Parents are partly, if not fully responsible for the excessive amount of texting that teens do on a daily basis. They need to set rules and strongly enforce those rules if they are seriously concerned of what physical and psychological damage could come from such activity. Some solutions are 1) take the phones away before the children go to sleep to assure that their children are getting the rest that they need, and 2) instead of giving them an unlimited text messaging plan, limit there text messaging to 5,000 or less. Taking the necessary steps to prevent sleep deprivation, anxiety, and addiction will possibly benefit teenagers and the parents in the long run.




Complete text message (SMS) reference


In the US, send all text commands to 41414.


Outside of the US, send commands to +44 7624 805707.


Download the Brightkite pocket reference



Text command Result

HELP Provides general help.

COMMANDS Provides help on what commands are available, etc.

Checking In

@address,city state Checks you in at the specified address 

Example: @270 East Ln, Burlingame, CA

@business name Results are based on your last checked in location. 

Example: @Starbucks

JOIN username Checks you in at the same location as the specified user.


SAY message Posts a note to your current place.

! message Shortcut "SAY" for posting a note at a place

POSTPHOTO Gets instructions on how to post a photo to your current place.


NOTES Lists notes posted at your current place.

PHOTOS Lists photos posted at your current place.

WHO Lists any other users checked in at your current place.

PASTVISITORS Lists users that have previously checked in at your current place.

MARK placemark Gives your current place the specified placemark.

UNMARK placemark Deletes the specified placemark.

LEAVE Checks you out from your current place.

Users & friends

MSG username message Sends a direct message to the specified user.

M username message Shortcut for "MSG". Sends direct message to a specified user

FRIEND username Sends a friend request to the specified user.

UNFRIEND username Unfriends the specified user.

BLOCK username Blocks the specified user and prevents them from seeing your checkins or posts.

UNBLOCK username Unblocks the specified user.

NUDGE username Sends a message to the specified user encouraging them to check in.

WHERE username Finds out where the specified user is currently checked in.

WHEREAMI Tells you where you're currently checked in.

PROFILE username Gets the specified user's profile.

SETPROFILE text Sets your profile to the specified text.

NAME username Changes your username.

Privacy & notifications

PUBLIC Sets your privacy mode to public.

PRIVATE Sets your privacy mode to private.

ON Turns notifications on.

OFF Turns notifications off.

NN Show current nearby notification settings.

NN ON Turn on nearby notifications.

NN OFF Turn off nearby notifications.

NN ALL Set nearby notifications to apply to all activity within nearby radius.

NN FRIENDS Set nearby notifications to only apply to friend activity within nearby radius.

NN CLOSE Set nearby notifications radius to 20 meters.

NN BLOCK Set nearby notifications radius to 200 meters.

NN NEIGHBORHOOD Set nearby notifications radius to 2000 meters.

NN AREA Set nearby notifications radius to 4000 meters.

Canceling your account

STOP Disables your account and asks you to confirm before deleting.