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Organization is important but also being able to give myself the same point of view as the reader is equally as important when trying to write an effective essay. When I proof read correctly I am trying to take the place of the reader which allows me to objectively critique my essay, as well give myself the same point of view as the reader. When I am capable of doing this, I am able to indirectly correct where I may have clarity and flow problems. In fact when I am able to successfully insert myself into the same point of view as my reader I am exceedingly more effective in connecting with the audience as well. For example, I am able to recognize what areas of the paper the reader would benefit most from hearing as well as answer any questions that the reader may have. During the process of proofreading this paper however I was unable to put myself at the same view point as the reader and therefore was unable to successfully convey my message of how magical Disney World truly is. An example of my inability to put myself in the same point of view as the reader is when I wrote, “The theme parks are constantly filled with people tantalizing aromas, and sounds; that create an atmosphere that you don’t get anywhere else in the world.”  After re reading this objectively I have realized how underdeveloped the statement was and how I left the readers senses pathetically under stimulated. This undoubtedly left the reader shrouded in mystery. The reader’s confusion could have easily been remedied if I would have done my proofreading more objectively answering any questions that the audience may have had when reading this section of my essay. For example, I could have explained that, “the tantalizing aromas were from the wide array of food stations ranging from freshly cooked Chinese food all the way to hamburgers and hot dogs fresh off the grill”. Alas instead of effectively tantalizing the readers five senses, I shamefully crushed the flow and clarity of my paper while abandoning my responsibilities to deliver a clear cut message to my reader. I have now devised a plan to combat my inability to insert myself in the reader’s point of view; I now plan on taking a much more rigorous approach to proofreading. I not only will read my paper objectively but I also will reread my paper multiple times to effectively communicate my message to my reader. 


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