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Students might use their mobile phone such as a camera for bullying.  For instance, they might record someone while there are in the bathroom and send to other students or post it on the internet.  In addition, they may send a certain message to intimidate the others.  Bullying can also happen to teachers.  For example, students record their teachers while they are teaching (Pickett and Thomas 2006).  Might be, when they are asked what they doing it for, students will simply answer their mother or father wants to see his or her teachers teaching (Pickett and Thomas 2006).  This is about students’ morality and must be considered seriously, if not, the future of education would be destroyed.


According to Common Sense Media commissioned Benenson Strategy Group (BSG), at least 52% of students confess that they do several form of cheating relating to internet using mobile phones.  Furthermore, more than 38% copied certain texts from a website and converted it to their own work.  Also, students might use their mobile either to store the answers for their test or send other students both questions and answers that has been copied or recorded into their gadget (Pickett and Thomas 2006). This is worst situation for future education.  Students will be depended on their gadgets whenever they will have tests, quizzes or exercises.  As a result, students might lose their self-reliance to their own abilities.  Moreover, the dependency to their gadgets would make students lose both their critical and logical thinking. 


There are some reasons why mobile phones would make students lost their concentration.     Osstrowski (2004), a fourth-grade teacher stated that students would lose their attention during study while they were waiting for a call.  Students will not think any else but receiving the call.  Mobile phone games should also be considered as a factor that will make students lose their concentration.  Once they get addicted to it, they might always think how to finish it instead of concentrating to their studies.


It is evident that mobile phones should be no longer allowed in schools because it will bring more worthless effect to students’ development, morality and focus on study. Those are the most important factors to help students study in an appropriate way. 


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