Inspirational Passage of the Day

“In December 1961 Brian Epstein becomes the Beatles’ manager, having checked out the band at the Cavern Club after receiving requests for their single “My Bonnie” at his Liverpool record shop.”(rockhall.com) On April 4, 1964 the Beatles has the top five records in the United States. “Please Please Me,” featuring a harmonica and unusual vocal harmony, was the number 5 single in the country. “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” was stationed in the number 4 slot. “She Loves You” was number 3 after two weeks in the top spot.  Number 2 was “Twist and Shout.” And “Can’t Buy Me Love,” was the number 1 record in America after two weeks on the charts. “The next few weeks were even more amazing. On April 11, the Beatles had fourteen of the top eighty-one singles on the charts, including 5 of the top ten.  Fourteen singles on the charts was considered good work for a band in two career’s time, but the Beatles did it in one week!” (Michael Uslan pg.156)


“Parents said “That long hair is just a gimmick. The next thing you know, there rock-and-roll bands will be playing in the nude to get attention!” “How can you listen to that racket? The Beatles will never last.” (Michael Uslan pg.156) Couple of years later parents wanted to change their tune’s especially after songs like “Yesterday” and “Michelle.” In 1964 teenage daughters going crazy and kissing pictures of their idols and teenage sons growing their hair long, shopping for collarless sports jackets, and buying guitars. “Parents just weren’t very keen on the witty, clean, but Shaggy Fab Four.” (TheBeatles.com)


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