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There are also equipment repairs, and employees that cost money. Farmers were struggling financially between 1980-1999. Because of this the government initiated a plan that gave money to the farms that were struggling. This plan was called DGP, also known as Direct Government Payment. The plan was basically a grant to farmers. To better understand DGP, think of food stamps. A food stamp is basically money that the government gives to people that are struggling to pay for their food. Food stamps and DGP are the same thing except DGP is for farm use. Where does the government get the money? They get it from Americans paying their taxes. The reasoning for this is because not too many farms needed the money, and if they did the farmer would just have to go to the bank. So in 1999 the government stopped this action. (James R. Nelson 2)


That is the general idea of the expense seed and taxes. Now it’s time to get a better understanding of the cost of land. The average price for one acre of land in Idaho is $7000, but that price can vary with where the land is located. “If you wanted a piece of land in a beautiful area with rolling hills and great soil it will probably cost a lot more than a spot with bad soil and a trashed landscape.” A farm with a pond, creeks, trees, bridges, and habitats for the birds and other wild animals would be an example of a beautiful aria. An example of a less desirable aria would be trashy, not well cared for, dirty houses, rocky or sandy soil that is not fit for planting. (Novinger, Bill)


If you are a person who likes trees or a tree farmer, you can make a surprising profit with a little patients. A farmer can purchase most young trees for $5.00. Once purchased you have to plant, water, and wait for the tree to grow. There are also some expenses in growing trees, and those expenses can add up, the farmer also has to pay for the water and trimming for the trees. The average that you can sell an evergreen or deciduous for about $445 for a 15 foot tree, if a farmer wanted to do trees they would probably want to do some type of crop with it to pass the time. (Willis orchard co.)