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Ehrenriech goes on to tell a short heartwarming story about a man by the name of Mr. EEEE who was 63 at the time this article was published. He was in Fu Baik, Vietnam, in 1972 through which he had sustained a bullet he took in the spine. He was in the shelter enjoying the comforts of something he did not own himself a bed, until last December, when the cops came in the shelter at some time of the night searching for men who had outstanding warrants. Mr. EEEE, who happen to be an ordained minister who does not smoke, drink, or do drugs and to top it off does not swear (cuss) in front of ladies, did have a warrant. Mr. EEEE had a warrant for not showing up in court to face charges of “criminal trespassing” (for sleeping on the sidewalk in Washington Suburb). Mr. EEEE was arrested in a homeless shelter for being prior homeless which in this case he still was, God help us all.


According to DeNeen L. Brown, due to the high cost of poverty, the poor pay more. For example, people without vehicles or fund for transportation tend to pay more for items such as groceries, because they cannot get to the super market or the grocery stores that could be having sales. They have to buy their items at a convenient store where the prices are considerably much higher. These types of stores are not meant for grocery shopping, they are intended for small purchases only. For instance, if you forget maybe a bottle of hot sauce while at the major chain of stores, sure that is fine. But not for purchasing all your groceries needs, because the prices are tripled, this is the reason they are called convenient stores not groceries markets. If a super market is bought to the less unfortunate area, their prices are consequently much higher than if in an acceptable area. 


The poor also pay more for renting a home, getting a mortgage, a vehicle, or healthcare, solely because society thinks that we are a risk and cannot be trusted from the beginning.  This is sad especially when it pertains to our health, the reason why the health insurance is higher is that we do not have the means or the funds to do preventive measure to keep our bodies from becoming sick are ill.  Brown goes on to say the poorer you are the more money you will have to dish out pushing you further and further in poverty. He says this is a part of life that the reality shows and magazines do not often display or talk about. Society wants Americans for the most part not to think about what Americans are really going through in life. They would like for American to think that everything is hunkey dory.